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There's no better way to get your home or commercial building clean than by hiring our premier roof cleaning and soft washing company for services in Baldwin Park. If your Baldwin Park house or commercial property is suffering from grime and stains, call Softwash Enterprise for a free estimate.

You'll be amazed at what a difference we can make in the aesthetics of your property. From the rooftop to the last edge of concrete driveway, we know how to lift stains and remove grime the safe and effective way. We use soft washing techniques that don't cause damage to your siding, roof shingles, wood trim, fences, concrete driveway, sidewalks, or other surfaces.

Our most common services are roof cleaning and house washing because algae grow so well in our humid climate. In addition to algae and rust stain removal, we are regularly cleaning the roofs in Baldwin Park to free them of harmful lichen, mildew, and mold growth.

Customers love our Baldwin Park roof cleaning and other pressure washing services because our softwash cleaning method can remove and prevent the growth of algae and other destructive microorganisms.

Please feel free to call us to set up a free estimate. You'll enjoy our top-quality service at reasonable prices.

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Softwashing is a process where low water pressure and a gentle cleaning solution is used together. The formula is mixed together by our professionals from various commercial cleaning solutions that also contain a biocide to deter the growth of algae, mold, mildew, and moss. This softwashing method is very effective at lifting stains and removing them from wood, shingles, concrete, and other surfaces.

We love our community and the natural beauty of beautiful Baldwin Park, so we only want to use safe cleaning products that don't harm the environment or our customers. Softwashing does no harm to your roof shingles, siding, fences, deck, sidewalks, your family, or the environment.

Roof Cleaning

Whether you are selling your house or planning to stay, regular roof cleaning is a chore that has to get done. Remember the algae we were talking about above? It will attack your roof and eat it. Algae feed on asphalt shingles.

Over time, the algae growth will leave your roof shingles in such a poor condition that they are no longer structurally sound. Once this happens, your roof can't protect your home anymore. You'll start to have tiny roof leaks that only get worse.

Our Baldwin Park roof cleaning service can make it easy to keep up with the maintenance. Let us help you remove the algae, moss, and other microorganisms that use your roof shingles for food! With regular service, we can prevent a lot of early roof problems for you. Call today!

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