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Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Pressure Washing Your Home

Q. What Is Soft Washing?

We all love living in Orlando, FL but the humid air and other environmental conditions can be very hard on your home's exterior. Harmful molds and algae grow exceptionally well here, staining your siding and eating away at your roof, and causing irreparable deterioration. Our Soft Washing service is the solution these problems!

Our Orlando soft washing company uses specially formulated detergent solutions that clean thoroughly without the physical damage that results from pressure washing. The softwash formula prevents new algae and mold growth for some time, leaving the surfaces cleaner for longer.

Q. What Is That Black Stuff Staining My Roof?

The unsightly black stains on your roof that are getting worse with time are the result of a type of algae that grows very well in our humid coastal climate. If left untreated, it will eventually take over your roof, creating a moist environment that grows harmful molds. The algae eats away at the limestone filler which is left in your shingles during the manufacturing process, and the mold eats away at the asphalt and tar.

Q. What are the benefits of Soft Washing?

Our Soft Washing service will thoroughly clean and KILL the harmful molds and algae growing on your home, without damaging your siding or shingles. It is the only roof cleaning process recommended by shingle manufacturers and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, and will not void your roof's warranty.

Not only does the Soft Washing process eliminate and prevent molds and algae from returning for a long period of time, it will also significantly extend the life of your roof, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs and an early roof replacement!

Q. Is it Safe to Have My Roof Cleaned?

Absolutely! The roof cleaning mixture that we use at Softwash Enterprise contains ingredients used to treat municipal water supplies, and poses no safety hazard when used in a responsible and professional manner.

The chemicals that Softwash Enterprise use to clean your roof are recommended by GAF (America's largest asphalt shingle manufacturer), the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, and the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, and will not harm the environment.

Q. How much will it cost?

The cost of a professional roof cleaning is minimal when compared to the cost of replacing your roof. The cost of eliminating the algae and mold on your roof depends on the square footage of your roofing system. When you call Softwash Enterprise for a free consultation, we will give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

It is estimated that as much as 50% of roofs replacements are done simply due to appearance of the shingles. Don't make the costly mistake of replacing your roof when all it needs is a professional roof cleaning. If your roof is less than 25 years old, it probably just needs a professional roof cleaning.

Q. How long does it take?

The roof cleaning process itself only takes a few hours at the most, and the results are even more rapid. We can have your house looking like the "after" in our before and after pictures before we leave.

Q. How is the softwash process done?

Our part is simple. We set up a ladder and use it to get up to the height of your roof. We then use the power of our electric pump to spray our detergent solution on your shingles. It is our proprietary solution that kills the algae and mold on your shingles.

Before, during, and after this process we thoroughly water the trees, plants, flowers, and bushes around your house to protect them from damage. That's it! Your part is just as simple. We need you to make sure that all your windows are closed, your vehicles are either in the garage or out away from the house, and that your outside water spigots are accessible and in working order.

Q. Do you use high pressure for roof or siding cleaning?

Absolutely not, and you should never allow anyone to use high pressure on your shingles. There are two main reasons that we don't use high pressure.

First, it is simply not necessary, as our professional soft wash equipment and cleaning mixture does the job more effectively than traditional power washing, and with much longer-lasting results. Second, the higher the pressure you use, the more granules you are removing from the shingle. The granules are there as part of the shingle's structure, and removing them is equal to shortening the lifespan of your shingles. This will inevitably lead to premature shingle replacement.

Q. Can i do it myself?

Yes, you can. However, there are no ready-made products for home use that will do a good job of cleaning your roof. Softwash Enterprise uses professional equipment and special commercial-grade environmentally-safe cleaning products that we mix into a solution to get the best possible results. The formula won't damage your roof.

When you get up on ladders and carry equipment up to the roof yourself, you risk falling. Softwash Enterprise uses trained staff members who are experienced and have been thoroughly trained in roof safety.

If the algae and mold are not removed and prevented with our soft wash roof cleaning formula, they will destroy your shingles prematurely. In addition, the presence of algae and mold on your home can be harmful to your health and that of your family.