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How Non-Pressure Soft Washing Works - Techniques We Use In Windermere

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Wondering how non-pressure soft washing works or why it's better to use than pressure washing? Softwash Enterprise is a Windermere soft washing company who wants to help you understand the process and how it works.

We have put together some information about soft washing for you below to help you get informed about the basics of non-pressure soft washing and how our professionals use it for roof cleaning, siding cleaning, fence cleaning, and house washing.

Soft Wash Cleaning Solution

Soft wash cleaning solution is a mixture of different cleaning solutions that the professional Windermere technician mixes together. We actually do get training on how to use the different mixtures to treat different problems effectively. Additionally, we are trained on what water pressure setting to use so as not to damage each surface type.

The soft wash solution is used with low water pressure and is found to be much more effective without causing the damage that pressure washing does.

For instance, there are rust inhibitors that we mix into the soft wash cleaning solution that can remove and prevent irrigation stains on the siding and concrete near your sprinklers. Our Windermere soft washing technicians also use a biocide in the formula for removing and preventing algae.

  • The Basic Soft Washing Process
  • Mix the cleaning solution in the storage tank.
  • Spray the roof or siding with soft wash solution using low water pressure. Coat it thoroughly.
  • Allow the soft wash solution to dwell on the surface to eradicate stains and algae.
  • Thoroughly rinse starting at the top and moving slowly across and then down until water runs clear.
  • Marvel at how clean the roof is.

Other Soft Washing Considerations

While the soft wash wastewater has cleaning solution in it, it is environmentally friendly and won't harm your Windermere landscape. However, flooding and other damage could, so it's best to take precautions. Water runoff of any type should be routed away from your house. We make sure to protect the landscape and your other property before we start our jobs.

If you are looking for a roof cleaning and professional Windermere soft washing company, please call us today at 407-455-2705 or complete our online consultation form.